Skin Care

Youth Response Line
This range relies on dual action treatment – using both a serum and a cream – for maximum benefits and beautiful skin.The Serums are used prior to the cream, soaking deep into your skin while the cream  protects the surface of your skin
Wrinkle Corrective Line
Corrective care for expression lines.  Our skin reveals our emotions as time passes it regenerates slowly the wrinkle corrective line restores a youthful glow to the face
Relaxing the muscles
Filling in wrinkle creases
And restructuring the skin
With each application the skin regains firmess
Eye contour line
The area around the eye is especially sensitive and vulnerable and, more than other areas, requires special care.
the exclusive MATIS eye contour line is a very extensive. A complete line designed to care for the eye area by visibly reducing wrinkles puffiness and darks circle.  IT is suitable for the most sensitive eyes. It is exceptionally well-tolerated cause it respects ocular pH and only uses very gentle ingredients.  For all me and wonen who want to wipe away the signs of fatigue or ageing which are often visible around the eyes and restore a sparkle to their eyes
Delicate and sensitive line
To help you control your skins sensitivity, the MATIS Research Centre has developed Delicate, a line of 8 beauty care products for sensitive, delicate and reactive skins. The Delicate line’s mission is to teach your skin the meaning of comfort once more.
Its 3 successful assets are:
“serenity” active ingredients – marine plants, technology, high performance active ingredients
“sensual delight” textures – textures full of softness that caress your skin
“peaceful” fragrances – Delicates envelops you in relaxing perfumes
Oil control/ combination skin line
An innovative skincare line that restores health to the skin and corrects imperfections skin is more radiant and oil secretions regulated.
Whitening line
For all women and men who wish to lighten unwanted dark spots and brighten there complexion
Anti ageing line
A complete targeted high performance line that meets the specific needs of mature skin, adapted
Response to treat the effects of ageing bringing a new sensation of comfort to the face.  Works on skin elasticity and the other effects of ageing
Omega 3 cream which balances skin weakened by hormonal unbalance.  It notably acts on the loss of elasticity while softening the skin that has become dry and reactive
Caviar Retinol a repairing anti- wrinkle treatment that lights up the complexion and smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles
Vitality line
A line dedicated to tired lacking radiance and in need of regeneration.  For all men and women who lead busy lifestyles whose skin is subjected to daily stress, pollution, climatic conditions and the stress of every day life.  Skin becomes more radiant and regains vitality