Youth Hand Cream SPF10

Wraps the hands in softness.

This care moisturises and nourishes hands aggressed permanently by the sun, the wind, the cold, detergents and other factors.  Light and ultra nourishing, it prevents the apparition of ageing signs while helping to diminish and stop the pigmentation marks. It slows down the photoaging thanks to the sun protection factor 10 and gives hands a velvety touch.


Youth Hand Cream SPF10


VITAMINS A AND E DERIVATES : vitamin A has anti-ageing properties, whereas vitamin E is a powerful antiradical active ingredient. These 2 vitamins help to fight against the daily UV aggressions and the effects of time.

NANOCITRUS : these are citroflavonoids found in citrus fruit-peel concentrated in nanocapsules. They are involved in the prevention and the reduction of pigmentation marks by means of helping to reduce the production of melanin.

UVA/UVB PROTECTION : ensures an efficient protection against UV rays with a SPF 10 which enables to reduce the photo-ageing, but also the appearance of pigmentation marks.

NOURISHING AND MOISTURIZING COMPLEX : this synergic blend of vegetable glycerin and olive wax brings immediate comfort.

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