Let us care for your skin and wellbeing

We offer advanced skin analysis and specialist skin care treatments. We also offer a variety of beauty treatments too. Whether you have a specific issue, or just need some pampering, we can help. We believe optimum skin health is more than just a facial though, so we’ll discuss your health and wellbeing as part of any skin treatment.

We are a full service beauty salon offering a wide range of treatments to make look your best and feel great. We serve our clients with regular cosmetic treatments like waxing or pedicures. But also do a lot of facials and massages which allows our clients to completely relax and feel the full benefits of therapeutic touch.

Our Treatments

Facials, Skin Analysis, Peels

Step inside our ever so inviting tranquil Salon and breathe. Within, find a bliss-inspiring, comprehensive selection of therapeutic facial and body care treatments, designed to soothe the mind, body and soul and awaken the spirit at Casa Bella

Skin Analysis and Consultation 30min  Book Now
In-depth advanced skin analysis identifying and skin conditions. You will be prescribed a personal skin care routine and given advice and a plan for optimum results. Redeemable on product purchase over $80
Introduction Facial 40min  Book Now
Classic mini facial that will pamper, relax and leave the complexion radiant
Medi Spa Facials  60minBook Now
Result driven made to measure treatments: Age defying, Deep hydration, Redness calming, Radiance Facial.
Bellissima Deluxe WOW Treatment 70minBook Now
Anti-stress skin protection treatment with the most advanced active ingredients, the creme de la creme of facials, revitalises sluggish cells. Highly concentrated and active. It includes a wonderful massage of the hands and arms.  
Advanced Skin Renewal Peels 30min Book Now
Professional Peels used for the cosmetic management of numerous skin conditions: Ageing, Acne scarring, Photo damage, Dryness, Hyperpigmentation.
Rewind – a targeted formulation that helps to promote collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Even – a brightening peel targeting sun damage, hyperpigmentation and dull uneven skin. Helps to restore a more even and radiant complexion.
Clarity – a powerful blend of acids that clarity and decongest the skin. Rapidly brings blemishes under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future breakouts.
Eye Reveal – an ultra- gentle yet effective solution to target the signs of ageing around the delicate eye area.
Pay for 5 get 1 FREE
Dermaplaning 45minBook Now
A treatment that removes facial hair and dead skin cells to exfoliate your skin and create a more clear canvas. Incredibly anti ageing and also works on pigmentation due to its skins resurfacing. A simple safe procedure to help skincare products penetrate more deeply.  
CIT Treatment (collagen induction therapy) Dermastamping 60minBook Now
An intensive treatment to treat a wide range of skin concerns from ageing, sagging skin, stretch marks, scar management and pigmentation.  

Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent make up is a non-surgical method of applying eyeliner, eyebrows that can last for years. This is a great treatment for women who want to add definition to their facial features or those who want to look good all the time. A great procedure for those who don’t want the hassle of applying makeup every day. Permanent makeup works wonders on burn patients and cancer patients or those who want to cover scars.

Semi-permanent make up is being increasingly resorted to by women who want to look picture perfect at all times – be it when they step into the shower in the morning or when they emerge from a gym workout or even when swimming in the pool. A fantastic treatment for those who want to look good 24hours a day, also great for contact lens wearers and people who have no or little eyebrows.

EyelinerBook Now
Top & Bottom of Eyes Book Now
EyebrowsBook Now
Additional touch up
Book Now

Eye Care

Eye and Lip Contour TreatmentBook Now
– With FacialBook Now
To help cope with visible signs of aging of the eyes and lips. Improves skin tone and firmness.
with Facials $50
Eyelash Tint  Book Now
Eyebrow TintBook Now
Eyebrow Shape
Book Now
Eye Duo (any two of the above)Book Now
Eye Trio (Eyelash, Eyebrow Tint and Shape)Book Now
Resculpt EyebrowsBook Now


Permanent removal of unwanted hair using the state of the art computerized Apilus machine

15 mins Book Now
30 minsBook Now

Dermal Planing


A treatment that removes facial hair and dead skin cells to exfoliate your skin and create a more clear canvas. Incredibly anti ageing and also works on pigmentation due to its skins resurfacing. A simple safe procedure to help skincare products penetrate more deeply
Dermaplaning 45 min Book Now

Collagen Induction Therapy (Dermastamping)

This skin needling treatment stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair. It promotes tissue stimulation and is fantastic for fine lines, acne scarring, sun damage and stretch marks. Increases collagen and elastin production. Generally recommended in a course the machine has more flexibility than a dermal roller and is faster in results.

Collagen Induction Therapy 60 min Book Now

Hands And Feet

Spa Medi Pedi 1hr Book Now
Includes soak, exfoliation, cuticle work, filing, buffing of heels, massage & paint.
Pedicure Book Now
File, cuticle work, paint plus your choice of massage or buffing of heels.
Paint Book Now
Gel Paint of Nails Extra $15

Body Spa Treatment

Medi Spa Body Treatment 60min  Book Now
Complete skin reviving treatment restores radiance to the body and internally moisturises the cells.
Cocoon Body Massage Treatment 50min  Book Now
Exfoliation of the body followed by a massage. Transform your dry devitalised skin with oils which infuse and nourish.
Body Bronzing 30minBook Now
The safer alternative for a rich golden tan. This healthy glow continues to develop and will last for days.
Purifying Back Ritual
45min Book Now
A comprehensive back treatment to brighten and add clarity. Powerful exfoliation and natural clay work in harmony to reveal a smoother clearer skin.
Permanent Removal of Capillaries & Thread Veins on the Face & Neck
Less than 15mins Book Now
15 mins – 30mins Book Now
Complimentary consultations for red vein or electrolysis 15 mins

Red Vein Therapy


This is technically known as Telangiectasia which involves advanced electrolysis to cauterize broken capillaries. A high-frequency current is used to quickly and efficiently remove capillaries. This does not result in hypopigmentation as in some other forms of red vein removal.

Permanent removal of capillaries and thread veins on the face and neck
15 mins Book Now
30 mins Book Now
Complimentary consultations for red vein or electrolysis 15 mins

Salon Journey Special

Escape to that superlative state of renewal and rejuvenation with your own customised journey. A well deserved treat for yourself or a surprise for a friend or loved one with a gorgeous gift

Serenity — 75 minsBook Now
A serene escape including a 45 minute facial and a deeply relaxing 30 minute massage
Pure Indulgence — 120 mins
Book Now
Relax your mind and body. Your re- connective journey begins with foot detox bath and continues with the Wow facial treatment and our signature back hot stone therapy massage and accupressure scalp massage will leave you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Includes eye trio.

Make Up And Wedding

Bridal Services
Look timeless and beautiful on your special day. Our experts offer an array of beauty services to enhance your best features.
Special Occasion or Bridesmaid
Book Now
Bridal Makeup (includes trial) Book Now
– Onsite Book Now
Makeup Lessons Book Now
Bay Makeup Book Now

Advanced Peel Treatments

We offer an array of peel treatments that lead to a visibly improved skin appearance. We offer Medik8 Peels where every treatment is tailored to your needs. Creating the opportunity for a progressive and tailored treatment program.
This treatment can be a one off however a course of 6 treatments is recommended with 2/4 week intervals. For face, neck & decollete, hands & body.


A targeted formulation that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


A brightening peel targeting sun damage, hyper-pigmentation and dull, uneven skin.


A powerful blend of acids that sink deep into pores to effectively clarify and decongest the complexion.

Universal AHA

Suitable for everyone and any skin concern, it visibly brightens, smooths, decongests and revitalises the skin.

Mono Peels

Your Medik8 professional can choose from a range of different acids and strengths for extra-tailored care.

LED Light Therapy

Casa Bella uses LED Light therapy to work on many skin complexions improving skin tone, reducing acne and improving scar tissue and rosacea and eczema.
The deep penetrating and soothing LED lights are targeted deep into the skin cells. This heightens their internal functions, stimulating dermal blood flow and  helps induce faster healing. LED can decrease pain, reduce acne and more. The non-invasive LED Light Therapy can be an effective stand-alone treatment, as well as a useful addition to almost any medi-aesthetic treatment or procedure.
Typical treatments can be fast and effective and take about 25 minutes . With three unique LED lights available (yellow and blue and red), your treatment can be tailored to suit your individual skin goals.


Fantastic non invasive treatment for uneven, dull, or lifeless skin, wrinkles, open pores, scarring or pigmentation.
Micro-Needling, or otherwise known as or Dermal Rolling or Collagen Induction Therapy, is a safe, chemical-free method that triggers new collagen production. This treatment uses disposable cartridges which create tiny microscopic punctures in the skin that encourage the production of new collagen and also enables deeper penetration of skincare products. Skin-Needling kick-starts the body’s natural wound healing response underneath the skin and will progressively work to fill in the scar, stretch mark, or wrinkles being treated, making them less noticeable.

The procedure has been proven to treat a number of skin conditions and problems including:

  • Scarring
  • Acne Scarring
  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven Tone
  • Pigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation (Vitiligo)
  • Stretch Marks

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are small, soft growths that often protrude on a stalk. Although benign and harmless, many people don’t like their appearance. Some skin tags do go away on their own, however, most remain on the skin and tend to slowly enlarge in size.
Using High frequency we can remove a skin tag from your skin, the treatment requires the tip of a small probe to be used with a tiny energy current to remove the blemished area. Some skin tags may require a few treatments.

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