Pedicures in Napier

Spa Medi Pedi 1hr
Just the time you need to take to lift and renew your spirit. Pedicure starts with feet placed in relaxing warm scentual spa soak. Polish removal then clipping and shaping of the nails. Cuticles are softened and gently pushed back. Exfoliation with sea salt scrub and buffing of heels. A wonderful massage with hydrating scentula spa lotion give the feet and legs a healthy glow.  Nail enhancement  & colour of your choice applied .
Express Pedicure  30 mins
On the rush of everyday life. When you are on a time crunch this is the perfect pedicure to give you a quick lift
File, cuticle work & paint

What Does a Pedicure Involve?

A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment for the feet and toenails. It typically includes the following steps:

Soaking the feet: The feet are soaked in a warm, relaxing bath to soften the skin and nails.

Trimming and shaping the nails: The toenails are trimmed and shaped with a nail clipper and filed to smooth out any rough edges.

Removing calluses: The feet are exfoliated to remove dead skin cells, and any calluses or rough skin are gently removed using a pumice stone or other exfoliating tool.

Massaging the feet: The feet and lower legs are massaged with lotion or oil to help relax the muscles and improve circulation.

Applying polish: If desired, a coat of nail polish is applied to the toenails.

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